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Magnet Systems

Magnet Systems/Assemblies
Magnets in combination with other products, like holders, locks, speaker systems, magnet modules, accoding to customer design.
General Information: HME - Technolgies GmbH offers a full range of magnetic assemblies and has the ability to fabricate multi-component magnetic assemblies to the specification of our customers, such as a complete rotor assembly (metal rotor, magnet segments, seamless steel tube).
For further details, please contact HME - Technologies.
Temperature Effects: Depending on the magnet material.
Applications: Magnets systems are used in a wide array of applications from magnet poles for big (wind-) generators, holders for home, office & factory, point of sales, locks for furnitures.
Examples: Holder Magnets, Speaker Systems

Motor/Generator Sub-units

Magnet Coupling Systems
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